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Work Study

Work study grants can be used by member stations to provide compensation for student internships. The funds may be used to pay or to supplement the wages of those persons for whom a vacancy would not ordinarily exist. The purpose of the work study grant is to provide work opportunities for young persons who have an expressed interest in the broadcast field at little or no cost to member stations.

The grants are available to be appropriated throughout the year, but you are encouraged to submit your application as soon as possible as the grants are awarded on a first come, first serve basis. The grant per internship is $1,500, allowing an intern to work for 120 hours at $12.50 per hour. Up to ten work study grants will be awarded annually.

The one-page application and the applicant's resume are required for consideration.

In the event that a significant number of grants are awarded, the SDBA executive committee or their education designee will discuss the merits of each particular application and seek to award the grants on the strength of their application. Special consideration will be given to those stations who match all or a portion of the grant funds.

"I learned more during my internship than I did from sitting in a classroom. You don't know what a job consists of until you have hands-on experience. My internship prepared me for my future and got me even more excited about the radio business. I would highly recommend that every student participate in an internship during college or prior to their first job in their career. It makes the training process a lot easier." - Carolyn Becker, Riverfront Broadcasting

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