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About Us

The South Dakota Broadcasters Association

The South Dakota Broadcasters Association was established as an advocacy organization for radio and television stations, a central point of contact for the state legislature and Congress. It provided a forum within which members could come together to educate themselves about the industry, and the viewing and listening public. Its members are an integral part of their communities and offer unequaled public service. SD radio and tv stations raise and contribute millions to local charities and causes every year. It gave the opportunity to share those ideas to everyone’s benefit.

The Associations role today is mostly the same. It serves as an advocate and a liaison to the legislature, to Congress and to state and federal agencies. It provides educational opportunities and resources to stations and their staff. It supports stations community service efforts and provides funds itself to worthy projects. It partners with state and federal agencies to get the word out about worthy initiatives. And it serves as a mouthpiece for the stations. Too often they don’t seek recognition for their good works. The Association helps them receive the credit they’re due.

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